Please support the artists by buying any reissues that may become available.  I will only post albums that are currently out of print and most likely will never be back in print.   If you know of anything that I post that is available to buy on CD, vinyl, or legal download let me know and I will take it down.   And if you are the copyright holder of a particular album and would like me to remove it, then please let me know.   Thanks!
Artist:  If you are interested in me offering a link to your music where the music is free I would like a letter giving me the permission to do that,  I will keep it on file.  Otherwise I would be happy to add a link to any site where you are selling your music, from the past or more recently  issued.  Provide me a link and your wish will be my command.  I can also add a snail-mail address if you are selling your music in that fashion.
I have removed almost all the links to the music as there were copy write issues.  So I took out any links to Music I had posted.  Which were always offered for free.  If you had or want it re-posted and are the artist Se the above Artist:   There are a few left mostly those that I have a letter of permission for or a link to the artist place of sales.