Here is an exciting “first” for this website,
a Christian Prog-rock Demo cut by the band
“Pilgrim” hailing from the…

Welcome to The Ancient Star-Song blog.  You will find a variety of genres (British beat, blues, country, folk, honky-tonk, jazz, pop, progressive, psych, rock, etc…),  from a variety of places (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK,  the US, etc..), recorded between the 1960 and the early 80’s, all with one commonality – the person and work of Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on evangelism. I hope you enjoy the music. If you are new to this site you can see more albums by clicking on the “older posts” link at the bottom of the page. Also you will need a rar extractor to open up the files. Windows users can purchase WinRAR or for free 7-Zip.   Mac users can use UnRarX for free.   Linux users will know what archival tools are available to them.

If you enjoy the music or a specific album feel free to add a comment of two. I reserve the right to approve or disapprove comments as a few have been inappropriate. I try to check comments daily, but occasionally I do miss a few days. I do answer some when I think a reply is warranted and I know the answer and sometimes when I don’t so that you will be aware of something.   Many band members have been re-united with other band members, through the comments.   Fans have been able to contact artist they admired.   Additional information on an artist or group has been added and links have been provided in the comments as well.   Not all have found those they have been looking for but it is an opportunity to make links with your past.

Most of these albums never had any air play on the radio. So in many ways this is the lost music of the Jesus music era. A time when a young generation found Jesus and had their lives transformed and changed. Most of the music is out-of-print. I occasionally list one accidentally that is still in print. I will remove the link if I am contacted by a copy write holder and I will if you would like provide a link to a site or address where the album can be purchased.

I go by diakoneo which is Greek for: to minister, to serve. As I post I minister and serve you. May God richly bless you all.