Sma Latar (Cymbal LPM 732) 1971 Sweden *



Early solo lp from the guitarist of Sweden’s blues rockers Vatten. Unlike the heavy electric sound of the Vatten lps, much of Ernvik’s first solo album has more of a bluesy acoustic rock style, simply arranged, with most songs backed by either acoustic guitar or piano, sometimes filled in with bass and organ. Not a totally unplugged affair though, as four of the album’s sixteen songs bring fuzz guitar to the table. All lyrics in Swedish – even if you don’t know the language you gotta love intriguing song titles like ‘En Hippie’, ‘Trygghetsblues’, ‘Skuld’ and ‘Jakt’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

The Swedish title Små Låtar Med Och Av Tomas in English would be Small Songs With And Of Tomas




Thank you Discogs for the front and rear cover photos and  for the track list.



Song #Song Title SwedishSong Title English
1-1En Vanlig KvällAn ordinary evening
1-2Jag Har FunnitI have found
1-3Led MejLead me
1-4Herre, Lär MejLord, Learn Me
1-5Gud, Jag Ville GärnaGod, I would love to
1-7Ta Av VårtTake off ours
1-8En HippieAnd Hippie
2-2Ert ÄktenskapslivAre Your Marriage
2-3Orkar Vi?Do We Wear?
2-5TrygghetsbluesSecurity Blues
2-7En Liten FågelA little bird