Nar Regnet Dragit Forbi (Gutta GUTS 002) 1980 Sweden *



Mr. Vatten hooked up with a female vocalist for this collaboration. A different kind of style than the Vatten albums – a mellower rock sound, very sparsely arranged, with piano playing the primary role (on some songs it’s the only backing instrument). Still has a couple tracks with that expected raw bluesy electric guitar growl. Mostly Agneta singing in the lead, with only occasional male vocals. Horns, strings and woodwinds make brief restrained appearances. All titles in Swedish. See also Brinnande. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Thank you Discogs for the front cover and rear cover photos and track list.



Song #Song Title SwedishSong Title English
1-1Trons VilaTron's Rest
1-2Många Av OssMany Of Us
1-4TåglåtenTåglåten ?
1-5Ett Enda OrdOne word
2-1Den Enda VägenThe only way
2-2Natten Har Blivit SenNight has become late
2-3Nu Gäller DetThis Is It
2-4Jag Bara UndrarI'm just wondering
2-5Hela Mitt LivAll My Life
2-6Kvällen Står Av Sånger FullThe evening is full of songs