Sometimes Only A Song Can Say It Right (Skylite SLP 6181) 1977



Earlier recording with just Nathan Gaub, Dan Gaub and Kirk Allen. The style is definitely rock, though the clean more traditional vocals give me the impression of a gospel or MOR band trying to stretch out for the first time. One ballad in particular comes across as major easy listening. That aside they rock out with heavy covers of Larry Norman’s ‘Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus’ and Rainbow Promise’s ‘Someone You Need’. ‘Jesus Is The Way’ is the best track, a lean classic rock sound with cool electric guitar leads and synth. Other covers include Pat Terry’s ‘Daniel’ (with kazoo choir) and Chuck Girard’s ‘Lay Your Burdens Down’. They’re tryin’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Thank you Ken for the front cover photo and Discogs for the label and rear cover photos and track list.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Sometimes Only A Song Can Say It Right1:24
1-2Shout It! Jesus Is Coming3:12
1-3Why Don't You Look Unto Jesus2:25
1-4Lord, I Give You Thanks3:16
2-1Jesus Is The Way4:15
2-2Someone You Need3:38
2-3Same Old Fashioned Way4:12
2-4Lay Your Burdens Down3:53