Christ In Our World Today (Parousia 001) 1974



Highly creative cutting-edge conceptual jazz-rock project from the Drake University Jazz Lab Band and Folk Group in Des Moines, Iowa. Lots of brass as you’d expect (together with flute, sax and electric piano), but the context is equal parts rock and jazz, often with an emphasis on minor-key moods and psychy avant-garde experimental effects. Electric bass, drums and electric guitar accentuate the rock side of the equation. Spacey electronics work their way into the opening ‘Christ Of The Cosmos’, while echoed laughter and chaotic violins join in to set the mood on ‘The Evil One’. The jazz angle cuts loose on the lively interpretation of Bach’s ‘Contrapunctus IX’, followed by the closing blistering swing action of ‘God’s Holy Spirit’. The “folk” side of the project is equally appealing, such as the harpsichord-backed melody ‘Lord, Take My Life Right Now’. Various male and female singers handling lead vocals. A unique production that sounds like it belongs smack dab on the Avant Garde label between Crosscurrent Community and Some Beautiful Day. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Christ Of The Cosmos 7:10
1-2The Evil One 4:22
1-3Lamb Of God 3:52
1-4Lord, Take My Life Right Now 2:51
2-1Christ In Our World Today 4:24
2-2The Heart Of Christ 3:36
2-3Contrapunctus IX 2:27
2-4God's Holy Spirit 6:40