Inside Job (Dayspring DST-4022) 1980



From his early ‘60s hits to his comeback ‘Abraham, Martin & John’ to his later Christian recordings, Dion DiMucci’s music has always changed with the times. By 1980 he was in a comfortable light rock format – mellow and pop-flavored for the most part, but with occasional hints of an edgier Slow Train Coming or Bob Seger kind of sound. ‘He’s The One’ (with slide guitar), ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’, ‘Man In The Glass’ and the upbeat rocker ‘Gonna Be Ready’ all possess bluesy grooves that are significantly better than your average ccm. The production is slick and clean, frequently making use of soulful female backing vocals and moody electric piano. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Thank you Ken for the front cover photo and Discogs for the rear cover photos.  And Discogs for the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Believe (Sweet Lord Jesus) 3:34
1-2He's The One 5:02
1-3Center Of My Life 4:28
1-4The Truth Will Set You Free 6:10
2-1Gonna Be Ready 3:39
2-2Old Souvenirs 3:51
2-3New Jersey Wife 3:54
2-4Man In The Glass 4:21
2-5Sweet Surrender 4:33