Isn’t It Good  (Celebration  CD 5002)  1999?  UK *


Mikel Kennedy arrived at Redeemer Church, Houston, in the late 60’s, suffering from drug abuse. His slow recovery to wholeness was made possible by the healing environment of that loving fellowship, and his natural folk talent found new expressions in the music ministries of The Way In Coffeehouse and Fisherfolk outreach. In 1998 Mike’s friends were shocked to hear that he had been killed instantly in a car collision, leaving his wife Carol and five children. Isn’t it Good! is a marvelous collection of his songs, some recorded with studio fidelity, others on a cassette recorder.  From each sale, $11 goes to support Carol and her family.   Found here. .    I have added Mikel to the Those who have gone home page. I discovered this album while researching the Fisdherfolk. I realize that it as released well after the period we are discussing within this site, I feel it is still of importance as it is by an artist who was active throughout that period and that $11.00 of every sales goes to support his wife and children. If The children are still in school or college they still need support. The youngest would be about 20 now. I’m sure that Carol has probably struggled with raising the children.  There are short 30 + second clips of each of the songs on this album on the site listed above. Also for the other CD listed on that site.   diakoneo




Song #Song TitleTime
1-01Isn't it good
1-02Psalm 133
1-03Never in my life
1-04I'm gonna sing
1-05Like the wind
1-06Who has measured the waters
1-07I remember looking out my window
1-08Glory be to God on high
1-09Glory manger
1-10Gentle breezes
1-11Sing out a love song
1-12I want to be with you
1-13Homeless Bob
1-14A larger place
1-15The Lord bless you