Other Fisherfolk Albums

A Larger Place  (Kingsway  CR 1036) 1985

El Shaddai – Community Setting  (Celebration  CT 2038)

Songs of Worship and Glory  (Mel Bay  MB 93978 C)

Songs of Joy and Thanksgiving  (Mel Bay  MB 93979 C)

Songs of Prayer and Praise  (Mel Bay  MB 93980 C)

Freedom Coming  (Celebration  Cd 3009) 23 songs

Worship Around The World  (Celebration  CD 3035) 12 songs

Travelin’ Home  (Celebration  CD 3048) 12 songs

Amazing Grace  (Celebration  CD 3051) 17 songs

Childrens Albums

I’m Gonna Run, Run, Run (Celebration  CD 3040) 15 songs

Come Follow (Celebration  CD 3042) 17 songs

Zacchaeus, Get Down  (Celebration  CD 3046) 15 songs

Christmas Albums

The Joy Of Christmas  (Celebration  CD 3027) 14 songs

What Child Is This?  (Celebration CD 3045) 15 songs


Member Solo Albums

Wiley Beveridge – How Sweet The Song  (Celebration  CD 3050) 9 songs

Patricia Allen – The Snare Is Broken  (Celebration  CD 5006) 21 songs


Other albums found here http://communityofcelebration.com/shop/, at the store of The Community of Celebration web site. I will not list each in a separate post, however will will provide a list of the various CD’s offered in the store and mention some of the other products you may find there. There are Anthems in MP3 format for downloads as well as individual songs from some of the albums.  I did not count them to see if every song on the albums are there or not but many are there. There are also song books for both many of the albums presented in this work as well as many found in this post. There also some music videos and books offered.  The Home Page   for their site. The Church of The Redeemer in Houston, Texas web site.  An Interview with Betty Pulkingham can be found on YouTube.  If anyone knows what years the above albums were released I have not yet located that information.  Also if anyone know of any Fisherfolk albums I missed please let me know.  This list has been drawn from Discogs, Cylde Crane, The Comunity of Celebration web site.    There are an additional 6 CD’s of Celebration music on the Comunity of Celebration site.      diakoneo