The Bible: A Rock Testament

(Polydor PD-2-9301) 1977


This double 1p presents thirty Bible stories in a lightly orchestrated rock format, not too heavy, sometimes with a touch of jazz, funk or blue-eyed soul, other times on the soft side with a melodic classical feel spotlighting piano and woodwinds. For the most part steers clear of choirs, overbearing brass and operatic voices – the things that generally nix these rock opera things in my book. Pretty much sticks to the Scriptures despite being a production of the infamous Children Of God group (liner intro is by Father David himself). Elaborate lyric booklet included with some intriguing artwork. Recorded in London. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Ken for the front cover photo and Discogs for the rear cover photo and label photos along with the track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Greatest Story 3:21
1-2The Garden Of Love 3:27
1-3Cane And Abel 3:35
1-4Noah 2:26
1-5Father Of Faith 4:10
1-6They've Got To Be Free 4:45
1-7The Commandments 2:58
2-1Beyond The Years 2:28
2-2The Land Across The River 3:12
2-3Love Will Grow 1:41
2-4Perfect Man 4:34
2-5Shepard Boy 1:53
2-6I Will Not Fear 2:19
2-7All Is Vanity 2:53
2-8Prophet Of Doom 2:23
2-9Opening The Book 3:10
3-1Build It Again 1:30
3-2I Can Hardly Wait For The Day 3:553:55
3-3There Is A Born Child 3:37
3-4Change Your Ways 3:41
3-5Come And Follow Me 3:18
3-6Words From The Mountain 3:01
3-7Born Again 4:25
4-1Law Of Love 2:48
4-2I Hope You Know 2:07
4-3Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 3:06
4-4What Did He Do To You 2:04
4-5Thy Will Be Done 3:46
4-6It Is Finished 3:58
4-7He Is Risen Tell The Whole World 3:39