Garage (no label LP 1357) 1972?



The front cover says Garage, the label says The Garage, and the back says The Garage Inc. Whatever you call them they’ve got a decent coffeehouse natural hippie folk/acoustic vibe. The back cover shows a negative image photo of two long-haired guys and a girl. Some of the. tracks are recorded as a small group or trio, while others are duos or individual performances. Mostly cover songs like Larry Norman’s ‘I Don’t Believe In Miracles’, Country Faith’s ‘Two Roads’, ‘Long Long Time’ (the Linda Ronstadt one), ‘Poor Wayfaring Stranger’, ‘I Shall Be Released’ and ‘Wedding Song’. One to two acoustic guitars are the norm here, on occasion joined by bass, drums and bongos for a garagey acoustic rock edge. Apparently recorded live as you can hear brief muffled applause cutting off at the end of a lot of the songs. Has a likeable earthy custom-made rough-around-the-edges atmosphere. Lists a Brookhaven, Pennsylvania address. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Shall Be Released5:09
1-2I Don’t Believe In Miracles2:17
1-4Two Roads5:21
1-5Call Out The Instigator2:50
1-6Lord Bless You And Keep You1:41
2-1Long Long Time3:48
2-2Poor Wayfaring Stranger4:35
2-3I Saw The Light3:03
2-4You Were On My Mind4:30
2-5Wedding Song2:25
2-6Acts 21:50:57