The Sun’s Gonna Shine (Celebration  CR 1025 / CR 2025)  1981  UK * Australia * and New Zealand *



Again this one is not in The Archivist.  I debated adding these post 1980 albums, however after looking at the rear of this album I decided to add them, as it looks like this one is possibly more of small group music that would probably continue with the Fisherfolk sound.       diakoneo



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the album photos and track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Medley 3:50
1-1aJesus, We're So Glad
1-1bI Woke Up This Morning
1-2Christ The Worker 1:35
1-3When The Lord Came 3:15
1-4Bethlehem Song 2:29
1-5Dance The Dance Of Life 2:18
1-6For The Sorrow 3:16
1-7Two Men Walking Together 3:08
1-8The Light Of The World2:51
2-1Good Evening, Father 2:10
2-2We Have Another World In View 2:14
2-3God Takes Care Of His Children 2:16
2-4Come Drink This Wine 3:40
2-5We Are Coming, Lord 3:10
2-6How Much Greater 1:26
2-7Day By Day 3:00
2-8The Sun's Gonna Shine4:31