Wake Up! To Sing The Praise Of Jesus  (Celebration  CR 1015)  1978  UK *


This album is not found in The Archivist  It is another childrens album and could find a place under Weird Stuff Section.     diakoneo



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the front cover photo and track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wake Up!
1-2Mister Noah (A Story With Music)
1-3He's Faithful, Yes, He's Faithful
2-1The Instrument Song
2-2Christmas Lullaby
2-3I Heard The Lord Call My Name
2-4Jesus, You're A Wonder
2-5Sweet Jesus
2-6Whosoever Will
2-7He's Able
2-8He's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield
2-9The Steadfast Love Of The Lord