Weird Stuff Section

There’s a whole new breed of collectors out there specializing in oddball off-the-wall records, many of which have been mentioned in publications such as Re/Search’s Incredibly Strange Music. The Christian camp for whatever reason appears to have numerous qualifying entries. Although there are many strange recordings hanging out in the regular section of Archivist (Pat Berkery, John Rydgren and The Click Kids are just a few that come to mind), the ones included in this section clearly exist in a world all their own. These are not albums that I typically have on high turntable rotation, but still there’s something fascinating about them. Not all are necessarily schlock mind you – some are well intentioned projects that when ripped from the context of their intended audiences are… well… often just plain weird. Keep in mind that just because I happen to find the record strange, that doesn’t necessarily imply that I believe the artist is a total weirdo. If some gal with a dummy raked in the souls at evangelistic conferences, then as far as I’m concerned that’s more important that any sinister chuckles I might happen to get out of the deal. Now I know there are tons of albums that have totally flipped-out covers, but in order to be included in this section there also has to be something interesting about the record itself. Make sure you have your humor hats on here. And don’t take me too seriously, OK? By the way, for an awesome on-line gallery of unusual cover art (including several of the ones listed here), be sure to check out Okay, here we go…      (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).


This is the introduction to the Weird Stuff Section in The Archivist.