Golgatha: Beat-Oratorium (Rondo / WPL Records  –  RLP-101 / LP21-358) 1974 Germany *



Vibrant choral rock production from Germany, sung in German. Songs alternate male and female lead singers with a youth/teen ensemble that believe it or not actually doesn’t sound too bad. Some mildly progressive structures, with moods varying from quiet passages to heavier rocking sections with electric guitar. Other instruments include acoustic guitar, piano, organ, synthesizer, flute, electric bass and drums. Titles have what appear to be style descriptions next to them, including “Beat”, “Slow-Beat”, “Slow-Rock” and “Rock-Beat”. Highlight is the closing track ‘Halleluja, Jesus Lebt’ where an almost surf/‘Wipeout’ groove bursts forth with enthusiastic hallelujahs and spirited fuzz guitar soloing. As the title suggests, the main theme is apparently the period of time around Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Composed by Dietrich Schneider and Friedel Berlipp, performed by Chor der Evangelisch-Freikirchlichen Gemeinde Wetter-Volmarstein und die “Jay-Five”. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you DISCOGS for the label side 1 and rear cover photo and track list.


Song #Song Title Time
1-1Introduktion; Rezitativ; Seht Meinen HerrnIntroduction; Recitative; See my Lord
1-2Rezitativ; Oh Ja, Ich Weiß; Rezitativ; Seht, Welch Ein MenschRecitative; Oh yes, I know; Recitative; See, What a human
1-3Rezitativ; Hilf Dir Selbst, Steig Vom Kreuz; Rezitativ; Herr Wie Groß Ist Deine LiebeRecitative; Help yourself, climb the cross; Recitative; Mr. How big is your love
2-1Rezitativ; Habe DankRecitative; Thank you
2-2Rezitativ; Leg' Doch Deine HändeRecitative; Put your hands
Rezitativ; Für Mich, Ja Grad' Für Mich; Rezitativ; Halleluja, Jesus Lebt
Recitative; For me, yes degree 'for me; Recitative; Hallelujah, Jesus Lives