The Adventures Of Raindrop (Diadem DLP 142) 1965?



Wading through the legions of dull and sappy Christian kids records finally pays off when you hit upon a gem like this. One look at the cover and you know it’s gold: old-fashioned cartoon characters with a meteorological theme, including our star Raindrop, together with her friends Sgt. Rainwater, Snowflake, Tear Drop, Sleet, Drizzle, Dewdrop and a slew of others. Raindrop is an ultra-meek young girl whose head consists of a large over-sized drop of water. She receives words of wisdom from her Mother Cloud, while kindly folks like Mr. North Wind and West Wind help carry her along her various journeys. Hear Raindrop take an ocean ride on Mr. Stick, give a dandelion a drink, get stranded on an iceberg, participate in a race at a cloud convention, and get pelted by the bully Hailstone. Of course she has to periodically stop to learn her Bible verse for the day or listen to Mr. North Wind sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’. The presentation is definitely low-tech through and through, aided by “special effects” like cavernous echoed vocals (Mr. North Wind), storm and wind sounds, and lots of soapy organ. Multiple adventures are enabled by her ability to evaporate and return back to her Cloud Home. Definitely weird, but not in an annoying sense. In fact, this record has a very sincere homemade ordinary-folks charm about it. All adults from what I can tell – certainly none of them have ever had any kind of acting background Created by Nancy F. A. Woolnough, missionary scriptwriter and producer for The Voice Of The Andes. HCJB. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

Raindrop has her own website, History of Raindrop and Nancy Woolnough are interesting reads. Also I learned of Nancy’s homecoming on Friday, Oct. 25, 2013 at age 93. She has been added to Those who have gone home page. I have seen the Raindrop series on and on her website. The Gang is the list of voices persons and the characters they provided the voice for. This was originally written in the 1950’s with the first 1/2 recorded in Sep 1953. While the remainder was finished in 1957-58.      diakoneo

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the album cover and label photos and track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Raindrop And The Flower
1-2Raindrop And The Starfish
2-1Raindrop And The Cloud Convention
2-2Raindrop And A Snowflake