The Way He Loves (Mark MC-8402) 1975?



Genie Turney and Sue Helman’s custom album is approximately one third acoustic folk and two thirds more traditional piano-backed songs. Wanna guess which I like better? Very sparse homemade presentation led by soft female harmonies. The simple guitar-accompanied selections include ‘He Arose’ (the Sons Of Thunder song), ‘Come Alive’ and ‘I Know Where I’m Going’. ‘Peter’ is another pleasant folky track that’s backed by both guitar and piano. Other instruments slipping in and out are bass, flute and harmonica. Recorded in Annandale, Virginia. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the rear cover photo and track list.  Thank you Ken for the front cover photo.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Way That He Loves 2:07
1-2Like A Lamb 2:46
1-3He Arose 2:30
1-4Ain't Nobody Knows 3:43
1-5Wonderful (Medley) 4:05
1-6Peter 3:31
2-1I Want The World To Know 2:19
2-2Come Alive 2:21
2-3There's Something About That Name 2:37
2-4He Keeps On Blessin' (Medley) 4:20
2-5I Know Where I'm Going 3:23
2-6Right Now 3:55