No Compromise (Sparrow SPR-1024) 1978



No Compromise is Keith Green’s crowning achievement. Herein are found many of Keith’s catchiest and most enduring songs, with lyrics aimed at challenging the lost and jolting lukewarm believers out of their comfort zone. ‘To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice’ and ‘Asleep In The Light’ are two of the heavy hitters, the latter with the lyric “Jesus rose from the grave, and you, you can’t even get out of bed”. The music can sometimes take a heavier turn as well, particularly ‘Dear John Letter (To The Devil)’ where Hadley Hockensmith rips out a fairly mean electric guitar riff. Many of the songs are prayers to God, including expressions of gratitude (‘You!’), renewal (‘My Eyes Are Dry’), confession (‘I Don’t Want To Fall Away From You’) and dedication (‘Make My Life A Prayer’). On the evangelistic side are such statements as ‘Soften Your Heart’ and ‘Altar Call’. Also a powerful climactic rendition of Jamie Owens-Collins’ ‘The Victor’. Gate-fold cover, the artwork depicting a believer who refuses to bow down to the passing king. Keith and two of his young children were tragically killed in a plane crash in 1982. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).




I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos and Discogs for the inside gate-fold and the label photos and also the track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Soften Your Heart 2:48
1-2Make My Life A Prayer To You3:21
1-3Dear John Letter (To The Devil) 3:20
1-4How Can They Live Without Jesus? 3:03
1-5Asleep In The Light 4:25
1-6My Eyes Are Dry 1:57
2-1You! 3:33
2-2I Don't Wanna Fall Away From You 3:07
2-3Stained Glass 2:45
2-4To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice3:17
2-5The Victor 4:20
2-6Alter Call 3:34