You Just Can’t Buy It (Kingsmount KMS 3311) 1978



You Just Can’’t Buy It isn’t really hard rock, prog or psych – just an amazingly good rock album. And I mean really good. The first thing you’re liable to notice is the very close resemblance of Gary’s voice to that of Cat Stevens. Musically there’s often a strong tie to ‘70s FM rural classic rock, with lots of harmony electric guitar jamming that brings to mind the Allman Brothers. All eight cuts are strong and a majority have notable guitar work, often joined by synthesizer and piano as on the powerful fuzz-enriched ‘Wandering Boy’. Songs like ‘Living Water’ and the seven-minute ‘Jimmy John’ have mood and tempo changes, shifting from quiet melodic textured passages into more energized louder sections (or the reverse in the case of ‘Blind Man’ which starts out with an instrumental jam before slowing down). ‘Song Of A Sparrow’ has some nice slide guitar accompanying its acoustic melody, then closes with some brisk lively Southern dual guitar action. ‘There Was A Man’ is a tight sassy rocker with a fun unbridled shake-it-loose Randy Matthews kind of attitude. Even the ballad ‘Yosemite’ which is backed predominantly just by piano and synth stands as one of the most stirring beautiful pieces on the album. Six folks total in the band, including Gary on lead vocals, flute and acoustic guitar. A completely unknown private press from California, on the same label as Robert Koenigsberg’s It ’s So Easy (in fact Robert contributes backing vocals here). Grainy blue-tinted cover photo of the face of an old gas pump. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for both cover photos.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You Can’t Just Buy It4:24
1-2Wandering Boy5:21
1-3Living Water5:40
2-1Song Of A Sparrow5:30
2-2There Was A Man4:16
2-3Blind Man5:28
2-4Jimmy John7:27