Man Speaks To Man Through Folk Music (Cuca K-1180) 1967



Early guitar-and-voice folksinger album here, and quite a nice one I’d say. Hansen’s songwriting and delivery are similar to that of fellow Lutheran John Ylvisaker, and although Man Speaks To Man isn’t an electric album, the style is comparable to Ylvisaker in the unplugged mode. The theme of the album is “exploring the heart of the restless generation”, examining “the cycle of the questioning person trying to find himself and his place in the texture of life”. Divided into five parts (‘The Loneliness Of Man’, ‘Man Searches’, ‘Man Discovers’, ‘The Acceptance Of Man’ and ‘Response Of Man’), each of which contains two songs, such as ‘I’m Searching’, ‘Where Is Christ’, ‘I’ve Decided’, ‘Man From Jerusalem’, ‘Life Was Given’ and the talk-sung ‘Good Neighbor Sam’. Decent folksinger voice, complemented by intelligent songwriting and proficient acoustic guitar work. How’s this for a lyric: “one noodle finds no identity in a vegetable soup”. Hansen managed the Jawbone Coffee House in Wisconsin Dells, then continued composing while attending the Lutheran School Of Theology in Rock Island, Illinois. Local Wisconsin label.    (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Ken for the front cover photo and Discogs for the track list.


Song # Song TitleTime
The Loneliness Of Man
1-1aThe Confusion
1-1bI Don't Get Involved
Man Searches
1-2aI'm Searching
1-2bWhere Is Christ
Man Discovers
2-1aI've Decided
2-1bGood Neighbor Sam
The Acceptance Of Man
2-2aMan From Jerusalem
2-2bBe Yourself
Response Of Man
2-3aI've Got Concern
2-3bLife Was Given