I’m Singing Of His Love (Evangelical EPE 7426) 1965 UK * 7” EP 45 RPM



Jancis Harvey With Her Guitar, this one is not in The Archivist as yet. Jancis released 2 EP’s and two singles. The other EP Jesus Knows is in the 7″ Section of the archivist. I did not have these 4 records so I can not compare them with the LP songs to see if they are the same or re-recorded. As there are several years between the release of these 4 records and the various LP’s I assume there is a very good chance that those songs that are on both may very well be different recordings. The Jesus Knows EP says 1966 however I think it may very well be 1965 as it has a lower cat# than this release.         diakoneo

I have not acquired this album yet.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Now I Belong To Jesus
1-2Our Father (The Lord's Prayer)
2-1How Great Thou Art
2-2I'm Singing Of His Love