Request The Pleasure Of Your Attention (No label PR/6420) 1968 UK *



Mega-primitive Scottish electric beat-folk vanity press with just enough of a stumbling edge to be moderately interesting. Five guys and one girl, with instruments consisting of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, banjo, drums and organ. Features covers of The Joystrings (‘Time’, ‘Have Faith In God’), The Heralds (‘God Cares For Everyone’, ‘The Way Of The Cross’, ‘Seeking An Answer’), a few traditionals (‘Gospel Train’, ‘Where Could I Go’, ‘Standing In The Need Of Prayer’), all in what they call a “gospel rhythm” style. Also a version of Ralph Carmichael’s ‘He’s Everything To Me’ where the electric guitar seems to keep hitting this clunker chord The brief spoken portions between the songs add some charm, especially that bit toward the end of side one where they remind you to turn the record over. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.