Bernie The Billy Goat (Tempo R-2101) 1977



You gotta hand it to Floyd Robinson – that brain of his keeps ceaselessly churning out ideas for inane off-the-wall Christian kids’ records. To his prior credits of Charlie the Hamster, Huey the Hamster and Lil’ Ole Granny, you can now include Bernie the Billy Goat. Here Bernie sings ten twangy upbeat country barnyard Jesus tunes, nearly all of them with jew’s-harp going “boing boing boing” in the background like a pogo stick. To achieve that billy goat effect, Floyd’s vocals are electronically raised a few notches, then heavily coated over with a wicked tremolo/vibrato. ‘Exercising Faith’, ‘What You Do Is What You Get’, ‘Jesus Is Using Me’ and ‘Jesus Is Number One’ are some of the titles bleated here, all punctuated with a periodic “baaaa’aaaaaaaaal”. Totally wacko, man.      (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.