The Adventures Of Benny The Beep (Tempo R-2100) 1977



Apparently the animal kingdom was not enough to contain Floyd Robinson’s creative hankering for kooky country Christian kids albums. To his résumé of gospel-singing hamsters, billy goats, fish, dummies and grannies, we can now add automobiles – specifically a small Volkswagen Beetle by the name of Benny the Beep. He sounds most similar to Floyd’s Lil’ Ole Grannie, but with a higher-pitched more nasal voice. Benny playfully motors along through ten Floyd originals with titles like ‘Drive Prayerfully’, ‘Jesus Came To Save Us All’, ‘Just ‘ Beeping Along’, ‘The Happiest Beep In Town”, ‘I’m Little But I’m Loud’ and (with apologies to ‘The Blue Danube Waltz’) ‘Benny The Beep’. Even a cash-in on the ‘70s C. B. radio craze with not one, but two songs: ‘My C. B. Radio’ and ‘Sunday School C. B.’, complete with the obligatory “breaker breaker”. Enough beep-beeps to last a lifetime. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.