Hello World! (Broadman 4585-07) 1973?



This Nashville label pumped out a slew of mostly forgettable choral musicals, but every once in a while they scored a real lulu. Hello World! is one of the ones you’ll definitely want to check out. Sure it’s got a lot of that brassy contemporary choral pop sound, but it just so happens to also be spiced up with some groovy flower-power moves, wild experimental effects and hip electric pseudo-rock maneuvers. Scattered electronic sounds percolate beneath the avant-garde title track, while ‘Computer Anthem’ features a gurgling robotic voice reciting monotone dialogue over a backdrop of chaotic electronics and tinkling moog computer blips (“Blessed be technology!” hails the choir). ‘Kaleidoscopic Colors’ and ‘Day-Glow-Day’ are both afresh with buoyant now-sounds harmonies, the latter married to an irresistible Herb Alpert groove. Notable electric guitar and harpsichord on ‘Isolated Moment’, and even some sitar on ‘Up And Get Us Gone’. Other intriguing titles are ‘War Music’, ‘Dirge And Widow’s Lament’ and ‘Inertia’. The album’s theme is Christ being the answer for the needs of the world – physical, mental and spiritual. Composed by Buryl Red. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you rateyourmusic.com for the track list. Thank you Ken for the front cover photo.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hello, World!
1-2War Music
1-3Dirge and Widow's Lament
1-4Nita's Song
1-5Isolated Moment
2-2Kaleidoscopic Colors
2-3A New Commandment
2-4Ecclesiastes 4:11
2-5Computer Anthem
2-6His Gentle Look
2-7Up and Get Us Gone
2-8Hello, World! (Reprise)