Brite Spots (Sunspot SP-1017) 1977



An intriguing collection of 30-second radio spots featuring forty of “God’s words”. ‘Equality’, ‘Neighborliness’, ‘Direction’, ‘Loyalty’, ‘Creativity’, etc. are each given- a brief quick-paced skit with varied musical backing, sound effects, computer voices, Dracula, crying babies, hillbillies, old ladies, and whatnot. Some are serious, many are humorous, several are just plain weird. The best ones are up there with the classic vignettes of mega-hipster John Rydgren. Example: ‘Identity’ begins with two men in a fast verbal exchange of body parts — “adrenal glands, auxiliary artery, cerebellum, deltoid muscle, esophagus, lower jaw, ileum, gall bladder…” The dialogue quiets and continues in the background as a deep-voiced narrator states “in a single human body there are many limbs and organs. So all of us united with Christ form one body. Identity. One of God’s words. Brought to you by the Seventh Day Adventist Church”.    (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for both cover photos.