Forever (Audio Creations  AC-00077) 1978?



Let’s see A covers of ‘Rise Again’, ‘Oh Buddha’, ‘Jesus Is Answer’, Chris Christian’s ‘Praise The Lord’, ‘Cornerstone’ – how many times have I seen this exact same album? Usually those songs mean a contemporary gospel record, although I’d probably tag this six-man West Frankfort, Illinois group’s custom closer to light-rock/ccm. Some of the aforementioned songs actually don’t fare too badly, but there are two original songs that definitely stand out – the 6:30 ‘For The Things I Have Done’ and the closing title track, both power ballads that dynamically build to heavy electric guitar peaks (the solo on the latter explodes!). Also sure to satisfy is their high-powered rendition of the Dogwood rocker ‘Watergrave’, always an intense tune. Well-produced sound with a fair amount of electric guitar, along with piano, synthesizers, organ, bass and drums. The vocals are actually pretty decent, not nearly as smooth as I anticipated, somewhere in the neighborhood of Russ Taff-era Imperials (minus the deep-voiced guy). Similar overall perhaps to Hope Of Glory or Deliverance’s Give It A Try, but with a couple significant attention grabbers. Exceptional rainbow cover art. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for the front and rear cover photo and for the track list.  There was also a different review on the rateyouremusic site.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1 I Don't Know Why 5:58
1-2 Jesus Is the Answer
1-3Praise the Lord 2:30
1-4For the Things We Have Done 6:30
1-5Cornerstone 4:59
2-1Rise Again 4:20
2-2The Rock 2:35
2-3Watergrave 4:32
2-4Oh Buddha 4:31
2-5Forever 4:20