Sunshine, Rainbows And Violins (John Bye Productions JBP 8108) 1981? Australia *



This album is also not found yet in The Archivist, not even in that weird section. The Kindredplayers are not named as such in the credits unless they are in the list of credited musicians. This is also a childrens’album. While this is one of Franciscus’ later albums from in the 1980’s as it is a childrens’ album I do not think It is much different from his earlier albums, even though I have not yet acquired this album. diakoneo


Song #Song TitleTime
1-01It's Raining 1:39
1-02Singing In The Rain 2:10
1-03Water In My Shoes 1:25
1-04The Large Umbrella 1:15
1-05Sunshine, Rainbows, Violins1:35
1-06Ducks Like Rain 1:16
1-07Five Little Ducks 2:17
1-08Lots Of Animals 0:56
1-09Hey De Ho 1:29
1-10Jimmy Monkey 0:19
1-11The Monkey Band 2:11
1-12Five Frogs 1:35
1-13Mr Frog 0:18
1-14Three Little Sparrows 1:23
1-15Swinging On A Star 2:13
2-01Barnacle Bill 0:22
2-02I Saw A Ship 2:04
2-03Happy Sad Song 2:28
2-04When I Was Five 2:18
2-05Down By The Station 0:45
2-06Bessie The Steam Train 2:30
2-07Piggy On The Railway Piggy On The Railway 0:15
2-08When The Train Comes 1:27
2-09Little Red Car Song 3:17
2-10I Have A Dolly 0:34
2-11Hush A Bye 1:48
2-12Miss Polly 0:32
2-13The Oogoo Tree 1:55