Ding Dong Who Rang The Bell (Fable – FBSA 027) 1972 Australia *



This is a Children’s album not found in The Achivist, even in the Weird Section. Most childrens’ albums are written with quick jingle type music which is catchy and easy to learn, made to be remembered and will probably follow you all day long, stuck on re-play in your head.  I was just remembering old times again,  Avon Calling!      diakoneo


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1How Have You Been? 4:08
1-2When I first Came To This Land 2:04
1-3Don Gato 2:41
1-4Lavender Blue 2:44
1-5Sun Magic 2:39
1-6Hairy Scary 0:41
2-1Ding Dong Who Rang The Bell? 2:58
2-2The Fox 2:22
2-3Fiddle Dee Dee 2:03
2-4Swim Little Fish 2:52
2-5The Little Turtle 1:32
2-6Tick Tock 2:31