Shiver My Timbers! (Get Hooked GH 127) 1977?


One of the kookiest homemade covers ever, with Mr. Hook-For-A-Hand pointing his sword at someone in a cheap cross-eyed red devil suit holding a sign that says “UNFAIR”. Seriously, that devil is even more pathetic than the one on the Louvin Brothers’ Satan Is Real. More cheesy dummy routines, storytelling and sing-a-longs, including ‘Amazing Grace’ to the tune of ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ another to the Oscar Meyer Wiener song (“Oh I wish I were like Jesus Christ my Savior. . . ”). The opening monologue ‘Beware Of Pirates’ is rather classic, the Captain speaking boldly in heavy pirate lingo over-top creepy background organ and screeching seagulls (“Give God your vessel matey. Scuttle those old duds and put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.”) Free authentic treasure map enclosed – no kidding, the guy actually buried something when he visited the Bahamas and he wants you to write him when you find it!    (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



Thank you Discogs for all the album photos and the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Beware Of Pirates2:03
1-2Joy To The World2:10
1-3I Have A Wonderful Treasure1:15
1-4Wrapped Up3:12
1-5A Story With A Happy Ending5:01
2-1Amazing Grace2:33
2-2Capt. Hook & Sharkey5:45
2-3"The Hot Dog Song"1:03
2-4Bedtime Treasures3:56