Miss Muriel Linton Presents. . . (Rite AR 769) 1968?



Gospel ventriloquism’s first sex change operation took place when Miss Muriel Linton purchased a male dummy from a toy shop, then took it to a “doll hospital” to be outfitted with long, curly hair, a frilly dress and patent leather shoes. Thus was born Candy The Talking Doll, future star of a weekly local radio program. This record features Miss Linton and the squeaky-voiced Candy doing songs, dialogues, riddles and stories – sort of a low-fi homegrown version of Little Marcy. Very austere feel, with only occasional background organ to serve as accompaniment. Songs by Candy include ‘Dear Jesus, Walk With ‘Me’, ‘God’s Clock’ and ‘Into My Heart’, plus her theme song and a duet with Miss Linton.  Adorable b&w cover photo of Candy seated before a studio microphone.  Unlikely to be re-issued on CD anytime in the near future.   (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

Muriel Linton has passed away in 2006 as I discovered while doing some research on this album. (See Those Who Have Gone Before Page).     diakoneo




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Candy Sings Her Theme Song
1-2An Interesting Dialogue
1-3A Riddle For Candy
1-4Candy Sings A Favorite Song
1-5Candy Tells A Story
1-6Song: "Dear Jesus Walk With Me"
1-7The Meaning Of The Trinity
1-8Miss Linton And Candy Sing A Duet
2-1Candy Sings "God's Clock"
2-2Three Little Visitors From Another Country
2-3A Story By Miss Linton
2-4Candy Sings "Into My Heart"