Demo Tape  (no label  no #)  1980?

Here is an exciting “first” for this website, a Christian Prog-rock Demo cut by the band “Pilgrim” hailing from the Youngstown, OH area.
Someone who follows this site recently contacted me to share this from their collection acquired since the early 1980’s; this 7 song Demo had been sitting gathering dust for nearly that long. Their recent decision to digitize some old tapes happily unearthed this long lost and forgotten musical gem that bears witness to how God’s Spirit can move upon his people to compose songs with a powerful message, using contemporaneous musical stylings and instrumentation. I was both impressed and excited upon first hearing the Pilgrim Demo tape. The music and the lyrics fit like a custom-made glove for your hand. They complement each other in the telling of stories that are articulately conveyed in each and every song. The lead vocals ride high in the mix, they are strong, sure and compelling. The instruments that compliment the singing: drums, guitars, bass and electric organ are expertly played and in true Art Rock form, deftly programmed and played synthesizers are utilized in no small manner.
Although, the exact date of the recording is unknown the owner acquired his copy in 1982 and believes the Demo was likely made no more than a couple of years beforehand. The owner received his dub from someone personally acquainted with the band so it is known this Demo is strictly an amateur recording; made on a Open-reel 4-Track “pro-sumer type” tape recorder which was mixed-down to a rough 2-track master (sounds more like Mono than Stereo). Every song is an original composition, rather lengthy in the AOR (album-oriented rock) vein, but  I would refer to the Pilgrim’s style as definitely Progressive with Psych-edges. Also known is the name of the principle writer and lead singer, Mike Muscatello (sp?). No additional names of the musicians are known though at the time of this writing, however, credits will be added if anyone has additional info about this group.
I am taking responsibility for bringing this music and group to light in the belief that after many years of lying in obscurity, this music truly deserves to see the light of day via Internet exposure that wasn’t available at the time it was conceived. It is also presented here in the hopes of bringing to light the proper credits that are due to the musicians that performed in the Demo plus any technical information concerning the equipment used in the recording or if the masters still exist. Plus, any known history of the band and where the members are today would be most welcome too!
I am providing the music of the Pilgrim Demo for free mainly in hope of discovering more about this gem in the rough. I tend to think it probably was never copyrighted but I am not out to make money off someone else’s hard work so it is also being provided so it can be HEARD, listened to and appreciated as we come into the New Year of 2018…38 years after it was made where the medium exists for it to be shared worldwide. If someone does hold a copyright I will gladly remove the link to the music. Just kindly request such.   diakoneo
As implied above, this is not a perfect recording and has some inherent technical flaws due to age and equipment. Songs also appear to be recorded in one “take” so it’s that kind of a “warts and all” recording but the lack of polished production might be the very thing that will capture the listener’s interest and admiration here. Aside from the unalterable condition of the original recording the dubbing process used by the owner left it’s marks as well. Dubbed from audio cassette to an Eight-track tape caused some unwanted audible artifacts that show up as 4 same-duration dropouts that sound kind of like a crinkled 8-track tape (because it is) for a few seconds. Those with knowledge of 8-track mechanics will understand this. Also due to track changes there are edits/interruptions (again times 4) that could not be any smoother without loss of even more music data. But these errors only comprise a miniscule amount of time and detract very little from the entire work which all things considered is a remarkable find.
 And who knows…maybe the original master tapes have survived and the rights holders will see they are processed into a superior and more presentable form?



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Choose This Day 5:36
1-2Four Horses 5:34
1-3Vision 5:06
1-4Man Of The Alley 4:27
2-1Paradox / On His Way 16:05
2-2Hold On 5:20
2-3Lamb of God 5:41