Noah Unterm Regenbogen (Pietbiet  1046)  1984  Germany *


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Peter seems to have been able to compose music for all generations well, Children’s, Folk, World, & Country.  The Meaning of this one I had figured out before I Google translated it. When I put Noah Unterm Regenbogen into Google translate I got “Noah Unterm Rainbow” out, I then deleted Noah and sure enough “Noah Under The Rainbow”. Think I’m beginning to understand bits and pieces of German already.  At least written.  I also think Das Gesangsorchester Peter Janssens would probably be best translated as The Peter Janssens Singing Orchestra.  Gerd Geerken is still a member.      diakoneo

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the track list.


Song #Song Title 
1-1Willst Du Mit Uns SingenDo you want to sing with us?
1-2Was Ist Los Noah What is Los Noah
1-3Bau Ein Großes BootConstructioning A Big Boat
1-4Wir Bau'n Den RettungskahnWe're building the rescue cock
1-5Noah Hat Das Boot Gebaut Noah Has Built The Boat
1-6Die Tiere Kommen The Animals Are Coming
2-1Die Große Flut The Great Flood
2-2Lied Vom Aufpassen Und AchtgebenSong Of Watching And Watching
2-3Lied Vom ÜberlebenSong Of Survival
2-4Flug Der VögelFlight of the Birds
2-5Kommt HerausComing out
2-6Ein Bunter RegenbogenA Colorful Rainbow
2-7Kommt Wir Malen Einen RegenbogenCome We're Painting a Rainbow




  • Choir – Das Gesangsorchester Peter Janssens*, Kinderchor Heftrich
  • Composed By – Peter Janssens
  • Congas, Percussion – Daniel Basanta
  • Engineer – Heinz Weihe
  • Engineer [Assistant] – Ludger Altrogge
  • Engineer [Schnitt] – Ute Schatz
  • Flute – Martin Smoch
  • Leader [Kinderchor Heftrich] – Karin Kober
  • Lyrics By – Rolf Krenzer
  • Narrator – Wolfgang Layda
  • Vocals, Bass, Recorder, Ocarina – Dorothee Marx
  • Vocals, Guitar – Gerd Geerken
  • Vocals, Keyboards – Peter Janssens