Erbarmen unserer Zeit  (Pietbiet  1047)  1983  Germany *



Playing this one will provide Folk, World, & Country.  “Mercy of Our Time” is the meaning of the title while the subtitle means “A Lord’s Supper of the Schoepfung”.  There are still more Peter Janssens compositions, however I stopped at 1984. There are also some compilation albums out there that may contain some tunes not on the albums I have now covered. I continued to 1984 as I figured that the music remained a lot similar over the years. There were a few changes in group membership near the end. With a steady drummer being replaced with a congas and bongo player and percussionist.  This has been a huge addition to The Peter Janssens collection as well as the records from Germany for this Jesus music era.    diakoneo

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the record photos and the track list.


Song #Song Title 
1-1erbarmen unserer zeit (ein kyrie)Have Mercy on our Time (a kyrie)
1-2trauerzug für baum und orchester Trauerzug for tree and orchestra
1-3beruehrungspunkte (ein solo zwischen den lesungen)points of contact (a solo between the readings)
1-4gott den guetingen (ein bekenntnis)God the guetingen (a confession)
1-5der erde gaben (ein fuerbittt kehrvers)The Earth gave (a keeper verses btw)
1-6wer fiellt die kruege (ein gabenlied)who folds the kruege (a play song)
1-7ueber (ein sanctus)over (a sanctus)
2-1da er die seinen liebte (einsetzungsworte)because he loved his (words of introduction)
2-2dein sterben (ein gemeinderuf)your dying (a community call)
2-3fuerchte dich nicht (ein friedenskanon)does not fear you (a canon of peace)
2-4wen die erde (eine meditation zu brot und wein)whom the earth (a meditation to bread and wine)
2-5redete ich (ein mahllied) I talked (a song)
2-6beruehrungspunkte (ein solo der instrumente)points of contact (a solo of the instruments)
2-7die zeit ist da (ein schlußlied)the time is here (a final song)





  • Congas, Percussion – Daniel Basanta
  • Piano, Vocals – Peter Janssens
  • Vocals, Bass – Dorothee Marx
  • Vocals, Guitar – Gerd Geerken