Ein himmlisches Kind fliegt gegen den Wind  (Pietbiet  1045)  1983 Germany *


The picture on the front album cover makes me think of Humpty Dumpty while the title meaning reminds me of the rapture, “A Heavenly Child Flies Against The Wind”.    Sure hope this isn’t a frisbee, but it contains Folk, World, & Country.      diakoneo

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the record photos and the track list.



Song #Song Title 
1-1Der Planet EThe planet E
1-2Sich erinnern der vergessenen HundeRemember the forgotten dogs
1-3Sich erinnern der vergessenen KatzenRemember the forgotten cats
1-4Psalm unter Wasser Psalm under water
1-5Johanna ist geborenJohanna was born
2-1Es hängt am seidenen FadenIt hangs by the thread
2-2Ein himmlisches Kind fliegt gegen den WIndA heavenly child flies against the wall
2-3Lied vom GeldSong From the Money
2-4Die Zärtlichkeit Gottes The Tenderness of God
2-5Aufstehn Get Up
2-6Gott gab uns Atem God gave us breath
2-7Lieber Vater halt mich festDear Dad, Hold Me Tight



  • Electric Bass – Wolfgang Layda
  • Percussion, Congas – Daniel Basanta
  • Saxophone – Silvia Droste
  • Voice, Electric Bass – Dorothee Marx
  • Voice, Guitar – Gerd Geerken
  • Voice, Keyboards – Peter Janssens