Die Zeit Ist Reif (Pietbiet 1039 / 1040)  1981  Germany *



I remember back to this time and we all thought that like this title “It’s Time”.  Time for the Lord to return. A Time for peace a time for love.  It’s time to clean up our mess.  Another 2 record release by the gang.  Cranking the old turntable here provides you with Pop, Classical, Jazz, Sacro Pop, Xian.      diakoneo

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the album photos and the track list.


Song #Song Title Time
1-1ZitatQuote: 1:43
1-2WeherufeWeeping 12:44
1-3Kehrvers In Meinem NamenKehrvers in my name 1:22
2-1bSeligpreisungenBeatitudes 1:18
2-1cDaniel TrommeltDaniel drums 2:01
2-2bMärchen Der Achtziger JahreFairy Tale The Eighties 7:57
2-2cWer Gibt Uns Recht Who Gives Us The Right 1:25
3-1aProteste Für Die SchöpfungProtests for Creation 5:20
3-1bEinsam Bist Du KleinLonely Are you small 1:54
3-2aAus Dem Evangelium Der Bauern Von SolentinameFrom The Gospel Of The Peasants Of Solentiname6:33
3-2bDie Liebe Ist Die ReichLove is the kingdom 0:35
3-3bLied Jenseits Der FeueröfenSong Beyond The Firebox1:50
4-1aAls Die Kirche Der Väter brannteAs The Church Of The Fathers burned 3:22
4-1bLied Jenseits Der FeueröfenSong Beyond The Firebox1:46
4-1cGedenken An Steve BikoIn Memory of Steve Biko 5:04
4-2aBekanntmachungenAnnouncements 7:48
4-2bDie Erde Ist Heilig In SichThe Earth Is Holy In Him 1:25




  • Congas, Percussion, Vocals – Daniel Basanta
  • Flute, Saxophone, Lyricon – Klaus Dapper
  • Guitar, Vocals – Gerd Geerken
  • Keyboards, Vocals – Peter Janssens
  • Vocals – Christa Finger
  • Vocals, Bass, Fiddle – Dorothee Marx