Jerusalem Volume 1 (Lamb & Lion / Prim  LL-1049 / LP 570.430) 1978  USA /



Lamb & Lion label


Prim Label


Swedish rockers Jerusalem began their long and varied career as a blues-rock band. Their translations to English and pronunciations were a bit awkward at this point in time, but the music is fairly fun and glad spirited, ranging fiom the loud blues jamming of ‘If You Only Care To Listen’ to the sofler moods of ‘Come To Me’. Chief songwriter Ulf Christiansson provides lead guitar and vocals, while Dan Tibbel’s organ adds some classic rock touches. They’d go on to do much greater things than the average material presented here (their early ‘80s Deep Purple derived hard rock classic Warrior comes to mind) – still tracks like ‘Jesus Is The Most Fantastic’, ‘Daddy Who Has Made’ and ‘Mr. Ego’ consistently manage to put a smile on my face. Originally released in Sweden on the Prim label. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).


Lamb and Lion sleeve side 1


Lamb and Lion sleeve side 2


Prim Label Side 1


Prim Label Side 2


Lamb & Lion Rear Cover


Prim Rear Cover


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the cover photos and the track list.

Lamb & Lion Tracks:

Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Jesus Is The Most Fantastic 2:23
1-3Maybe 4:22
1-4Daddy Who Has Made 3:50
1-5Mr. Ego 3:22
1-6Come To Me 3:40
2-1If You Only Care To Listen 4:08
2-2Neutral 2:42
2-3Days Passing By 4:54
2-4What If Jesus Is Right 3:34
2-5High Tide 5:26


Prim Tracks:

Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Tänk Om Jesus Har Rätt 3:34
1-2Noa 3:303:30
1-3Kanske 4:22
1-4Pappa Vem Har Gjort 3:50
1-5Mr Ego3:22
1-6Kom Till Mej 3:40
2-1Om Du Lyssnar 4:08
2-2Dagarna Går 4:54
2-3Jesus Är Det Underbaraste 2:23
2-4Hög Tid 5:26
2-5Fångsång 2:48
2-6Neutral 2:42