Jerusalem Volume 2 (Lamb & Lion  / Myrrh  LL-1054 / MYR 1097 ) 1980  USA / UK *


Volume 2 LL F


Myrrh F


Improved second effort continues in their signature heavy blues-rock mode while putting more emphasis on the progressive classic rock angle. ‘Gethsemane’, ‘Dialogue (Between One Person)’ and the 8—minute ‘Introduction’ are especially strong cuts with mood changes, classical influences and longer guitar/organ stretches. There’s also a lengthy drum solo at the beginning of ‘By By World’. Closes on a gentler note with the string-accompanied ballad ‘A Flower’. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).


Lamb & Lion Sleeve Side 1


Lamb & Lion Sleeve Side 2


Myrrh Label Side 1


Myrrh Label Side 2


Myrrh inside gate-fold Lt


Myrrh inside gate-fold Rt


Lamb & Lion Rear


Myrrh Rear


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Discogs for the all the cover photos and for the track lists.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wake Up 5:35 US 5:33
1-2Rock-N-Roll! 4:19 US 4:30
1-3Love Song 3:38 US 3:43
1-4Gethsemane 3:45 US 3:42
1-5I Depend On You, Jesus 4:41 US 4:40
2-1Introduction 8:04 US 8:02
2-2Dialogue (Between One Person) 4:30 US 4:29
2-3By By World 5:30 US 5:32
2-4A Flower 4:15 US 4:11