Kairos Live! (Heaven HR 1001) 1973 Australia *



Kairos was a Jesus Revolution youth gathering that took place on the lawn in front of Australia’s Parliament House in March 1973. Numerous Christian bands participated and six of them are preserved on this fascinating vinyl document. Ebenezer stands out with their heavy guitars and loud grungy sound on ‘On Your Own’ and ‘No Time’, the latter a powerful extended piece with solemn organ and gothic electric guitar arpeggios. Kristopher’s performance is highlighted by ‘Mad Man’, an acoustic/electric bass-throbbing rock track with a good underground edge, the topic being one of the demon-possessed men that Jesus healed (he was “really wackers” according to the band member’s spoken intro). They also do a hearty strum through ‘Good Times’ (about the Kairos event itself) and the softer-edged ‘Sailor’. Peter Campbell provides a spirited acoustic folk-singer angle with ‘Ain’t That News’ and ‘A New World’, while Tim Begbie contributes a sensitive cover of Noel Stookey’s ‘There Is Love’. Soul Concern does a fine Band-like number (‘The Prodigal Son’), followed by Koinonia, another hard-rocking organ/guitar outfit that sizzles on ‘The Way’ and a cover of Randy Matthews’ ‘Hallelujah Brother’. There’s also a short sequence of sermon excerpts from some of the various speakers, a group Jesus cheer (“gimme a J !”), and a collage of comments from passersby about what they think of this large gathering of Jesus people (I like the cranky lady who says they “should have better things to do than this”). Very similar to the Bennelong Session lp on the same label – in fact three of the artists appear on both projects. I’d love to have heard some of the other 25 groups listed on the roster – a few intriguing names in there, like Broken Chains, Blind Man’s Holiday, Biscuit Factory, Daddy’s Friends and Fag Packet Band. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Ken for the front cover photos. Thank you DISCOGS for the rear cover photo and track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Ebenezer (AUSTRALIA) - On Your Own 4:19
1-2Peter Campbell - Ain't That News 2:70
1-3Peter Campbell - A New World 3:15
1-4Ebenezer (AUSTRALIA) - No Time 6:32
2-1Kristopher - Good Times 1:35
2-2Kristopher - Mad Man 3:30
2-3Kristopher - Sailor 3:05
2-4Tim Begbie - There Is Love 3:19
2-5Soul Concern - The Prodigal Son 3:30
2-6Koinonia (AUSTRALIA) - The Way 3:50