Singing In The Light (World Library FR-1952-SM) 1971?



A truly precious folk lp, one of the best on this fine label. While many early World Library albums have a rough homemade edge to them, Singing In The Light seems to be more delicately fashioned. Joncas, only eighteen at the time of this recording, has a mesmerizing voice that hovers calmly over a tranquil acoustic guitar setting, to which are added piano. flute, electric bass, congas and female backing vocals (courtesy of Sue Joncas). Moods may be slow and contemplative, dreamy and mysterious, brisk and lively, sometimes even approaching an edgy melodic hippie folk sound on tracks like ‘Psalm 150’ and ‘Come On, People’. Thirteen songs in all, three of which are short liturgical refrains. Whether spirited songs or quiet ballads, Michael Joncas creates beautiful melodies that seek to carry you into the presence of God. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



Thank you Ken for the front cover photos. Thank you George for the rear cover photo.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come On, People2:08
1-2Psalm 1503:16
1-3Lord, Have Mercy2:32
1-4Psalm 224:47
1-5Have You Seen My Lord?4:20
1-6What Can We Offer You?2:40
2-1Holy, Holy, Holy1:35
2-3Lamb Of God1:45
2-4Open Up!3:45
2-5Taste, Taste and See3:20
2-6Give Praise To The Lord With Trumpets2:33
2-7Alleluia! Praise Be To God3:16