Sings Jesus Style Songs (Augsburg Publishing House, Sound 80 Studios ‎– 23-1655) 1974



To complete you Joyous Celebration collection is this 1974 album which is not found in the archivist. The tracks are the same as the songs and lyrics first published in Jesus Style Songs Volume 1. That work was by compiled by and © 1972, David L.C. Anderson. It was published by Augsburg Publishing House.  Although there are no track times listed most are about 1 minute in duration and was probably to give an example of what each song sounded like. It may have been a part of a package deal to promote the book or may have been sold separately. Either way it provided The Joyous Celebration with yet another way to promote the group.    diakoneo



I have not yet acquired this album. Thank you Discogs for the cover and label photos as well as the extensive track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-01Jesus Style
1-02Psalm 89
1-03We'll Give All The Glory To Jesus
1-04Get The Flame
1-05Jeremiah 31:12
1-06Let's Talk About Jesus
1-07Thank You
1-08I've Got The Liberty
1-09Hallelujah, Praise Ye The Lord
1-10Jesus Is Wonderful
1-11Gentle Savior
1-12Here Comes Jesus
1-13Happy Medley
1-14How Great Is Our God
1-15He Is Lord
1-16Heaven Bound
1-17It's Setting Me Free
1-18I've Got Peace Like A River
1-19Don't Let The Devil Get You Down
1-20Great Is The Lord
2-01Psalm 19
2-02Heavenly Father, We Appreciate You
2-03Hallelujah, I Want To Sing All About It
2-04I Want More Of Jesus
2-06My Lord
2-07Silver And Gold
2-08Psalm 8
2-09His Banner Over Me Is Love
2-10We Are Able
2-11Psalm 68
2-12The Loving Kindness
2-13Oh How I Love Jesus
2-14He Is Able
2-15Save The Lord
2-16Joy, Joy, Joy
2-17You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
2-18Oh God Is Good
2-19Lift Up Your Hearts