Celebrate (Listen LP LF2003) 1974?



Celebrate established the polished adult contemporary sound that would pretty much stick with the group. Mostly very mellow pop and ballads with strings and brass and clean vocals, similar to Children Of The Day’s later albums on the Light label. If you like gentle-breeze lounge pop, ‘Someone Special’ fits the bill, working in flute and electric guitar solos. ‘Joyous Theme’ gets a peppy bass-and-percussion jazz groove going. Mild black gospel influences on their cover of ‘0 Happy Day’ and the finger-snapping ‘He Is Able’, the latter carried along with a bit of bluesy electric guitar. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Ken for the front cover photo. Thank you Discogs for the track list and label photo.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Psalm 24
1-2Someone Special
1-3Of The Fathers Love
1-4Walk In The Light
1-5Joyous Theme
2-1He Is Able
2-3Deep River
2-4O Happy Day
2-5Childrens Song