A Voice On The Road (no label NR10615) 1979



A Voice On The Road continues in the same elegant folk-rock style and is perhaps my favorite. Several songs are enhanced by jangly electric guitar and background organ, including ‘The Road Of Holiness’, ‘Faith In Me’ and ‘Life-Giving Water’. Sometimes recalls the male/female folk style of Ron Griffen & Leaven, as on ‘Praise His Name’. Electric guitar solos work their way into a few songs including ‘Calvary’, a noteworthy diversion into DeGarmo & Key-ish rock sung by lead and rhythm guitarist Steve Park. ‘Your Servant, Lord’ is a moving piano ballad softly arranged in strings. Something about the piano on the closing title track reminds me of early Michael Omartian/an Chapter Of Acts. Paul looks mildly radical here with his longer hair, beard, mustache and shades. All three albums are excellent and well worth tracking down. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Ken for the front cover photo.  Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and the track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Call To Worship0:30
1-2The Road Of Holiness: Isaiah 353:32
1-3Faith In Me3:06
1-4His Love: Ephesians 13:00
1-5How Can I Go: Psalm 1392:19
1-6Praise His Name: Philippians 23:18
1-7Heal Me2:45
1-8Life-Giving Water4:09
2-1Romans 82:25
2-2Your Servant, Lord3:00
2-3Come To Jerusalem: Isaiah 2 & Psalm 232:24
2-5Let The Light Shine2:50
2-7A Voice On The Road4:00