Come Let Us Reason (Herald HRS-5349) 1976



Klesis is a male trio with one of those MOR-ish light rock formats similar to Deliverance, Sonlight or Sounds Of Joy. The inclusion of tracks by JC Power Outlet (‘Don’t Let Jesus Pass You By’) and Love Song (‘Little Pilgrim’) got my hopes up, but it all tends to get watered down by the mellow arrangements and smooth vocal harmonies. The ‘ guys do manage to stir up a fair amount of guitar/organ rock energy on Ken Medema’s ‘Don’t Play The Game’ (that is until the song takes an easy listening turn). There’s also quite a bit of mello-tron on the album which is helpful. The group consists of Dewey McGuire (electric guitar), Louis McGuire (12-string guitar) and Carroll Ruth (bass), plus two assistants on keyboards and drums. Klesis means “called of God”. Says on the insert that they came from the secular nightclub world prior to their conversion. Boy those leisure jackets sure look dorky. They’re from Tennessee. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come Let Us Reason3:40
1-2The Secret2:54
1-3Don't Let Jesus Pass You By3:00
1-4More Than You'll Ever Know3:15
1-5Help Me3:22
2-1Little Pilgrim4:05
2-2Don't Play The Game5:00
2-3My Lord Jesus2:09
2-4Call To Repentance3:15