The Life Bearers (He Lives HL 501 GlorySound ‎– LP341 ) 1973? Australia *



Australian folk outfit (four guys, one girl) with pleasant low-tech amateur sound. Not unlike some of the UK Profile artists, specifically Gill, Colin & Desmond, Reality Folk and This Side 0f The River. The use of organ is a big boost, bringing a teensy psych edge to their fragile acoustic sound (guitar, bass, drums, m/f harmonies). Versions of Andrae Crouch’s ‘Keep On Singing’ and ‘I Don’t Know Why’ end up being rather average, but the group’s charm really blossoms on songs like ‘Girl So Alone’, ‘The Ballad Of Jesus’, ‘Lonely People’ and ‘Jesus Of Nazareth’. Says on the back that they performed in Indonesia, Singapore, Holland, Austria and Sweden. Primitive cover art with photocopy-ish picture of the group on a yellow background. I guess technically this might be a Dutch release (the label on the vinyl says “Made In Holland’) – addresses for both Australia and Holland are listed on the back. An outreach of a ministry called He Lives, led by evangelist Jack Kooy. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you discogs for the blue album cover from the Glory Sound label and the track lists.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Keep On Singing 3:45
1-2Hang My Head 4:00
1-3The Ballad Of Jesus 3:35
1-4Girl So Alone 4:25
1-5Lonely People 5:40
2-1I Don't Know Why 4:15
2-2The Soul Of Man 4:16
2-3Sing Me A Song 3:56
2-4Jesus Of Nazareth 3:40
2-5When I Survey 4:20