Lonesome Stone (Deo Gloria RL306) 1974




One of my favorite rock musicals just got better. This is the mega-obscure US version. Although the participants (i.e., The Sheep, plus others) and the song titles are more or less the same, this version is in fact an entirely different recording. There’s much more of an underground rock feel, the kind of sound typically preferred by private press collectors. The fact that there’s applause following some of the tracks makes me suspect that at least portions may have been recorded live. Nice edgy west-coast Frisco guitar/organ vibes throughout, both on the rock cuts (‘War Babies’, ‘Bear Boogie’, ’Looking For Love’, ‘Changes’, ‘Free’, ‘Rejoice’ and the title track), as well the more folky acoustic numbers (‘Blind Man Blues’, ‘Going Back’ and their cover of ‘San Francisco’). All music, no narration. I see Pat Copalello’s name in the cast (Zip the Speed Freak) – he’s got an excellent custom 1p worth tracking down. Front cover has a cartoon-ish drawing of a lightning bolt through a cloud with a hand reaching down. Back shows eight color pictures from the production. Man, what a bunch of hippie freaks – looks like they came straight off the set of Hair.     (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rick Haas - War Babies
1-2Greg Nancarrow - Lonesome Stone
Greg Nancarrow - San Francisco
1-3Mary Damrow & Rick Haas - Queen of the Streets
Mole Barker - Vegetables
1-4Dave Hoyt - Where Do We Go From Here?
1-5Fred Gartner - Bear Boogie
1-6Dave Hoyt - Looking For Love
1-7Greg Nancarrow - Blind Man Blues
Greg Nancarrow - Going Back
2-1Rick Haas - Changes
2-2Dave Hoyt - He'll Set You Free
2-3Mary Damrow - Studied Lives of Men
2-4Mary Damrow - Come Jesus Come
2-5Mary Damrow - Free
The Cast - Rejoice
The Cast - Take A Little Time