Friends Once More (No label, no number) 1978?



Impressive guitar-based rock outfit with good laid-back underground home-made sound. Mostly an acoustic rock format with guitars, bass and drums. Sometimes gentle and moody, softening down to a whisper a couple times. Delicate tracks like ‘Time Love And You’, ‘Peter’s Song’ and ‘Communion Song’ sound like they could just as easily been lifted off one of those big-dollar UK folk privates. Other songs like ‘The Stoning’ and ‘The Promise’ rough it up some by increasing the electric guitar angle, and ‘Take The Time (To Find Out)’ even intensifies to the level of Rainbow Promise or Wilson McKinley’s Spirit Of Elijah. Nice rugged vibe to the acoustic rocker ‘In Voyage With You’. In between are fine examples of rural hippie folk-rock and melodic electric sounds. Mostly male vocals, with female bgvs detectable on one song. Excellent guitar soloing opportunities throughout, both acoustic and electric. Even in the quieter unplugged moments, the album has a certain cutting-edge depth that I’d say earns it the “psych” designation. Twelve original songs in all, a couple in the 6-to-7 minute range, all of them solid. Back cover has primitive drawings of the six guys’ faces inside drops of water. Custom lp from Hacienda Heights, California. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).


I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you discogs for the rear cover photo and the track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Peter Was A Fisherman 3:49
1-2The Stoning 4:30
1-3Time Love And You 4:06
1-4Peter's Song 2:32
1-5The Promise 6:19
1-6How Many Times 3:22
2-1Friends Once More 3:15
2-2In Voyage With You 2:31
2-3Goodbye Uncle Jim 2:26
2-4Take The Time (To Find Out) 6:53
2-5Communion Song 3:12
2-6More Than A Superstar 2:51