You Can Go Your Way (New Zeal NZ-104) 1978? New Zealand *






New Zealand trio who were privileged to have Jesus music veteran Danny Taylor producing their album. The music of Avon, Shellee and Jay Ojala is mostly pop, gospelly rock and soft jazz, with a few sidesteps into folkrock and acoustic folk. Opens with a pair of Danny Taylor covers: the title track, followed by the beautiful acoustic ‘Pamela’ featuring just Shellee on vocals. Other Taylor songs include ‘Shall We Gather’, ‘Salvation Army Band’, ‘The Day I Could Say I Love You’ and ‘Running In The Wrong Crowd’. The 2-girl l-guy format draws mild comparisons to 2nd Chapter Of Acts on a couple songs. Danny‘also contributes percussion, flute and acoustic guitar, while his wife Sandra appears on background vocals. Other instruments include piano, organ, trumpet and saxophone. See also Avon’s Friends. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1You Can Go Your Way2:50
1-3Love Affair3:45
1-4Shall We Gather 3:56
1-5Doctor God2:12
2-1Salvation Army Band2:23
2-2You Are The One3:30
2-3The Day I Could Say I Love You2:30
2-4Running In The Wrong Crowd4:14
2-5Saved By The Grace Of Your Love2:47