Skipper Of My Life (no label, no #) 1980



Set aside any stereotypes you might have about “family” bands: no crew-cut dad in a suit, no hair-in-a-bun mom with horn-rims, no nerdy kids who can’t sing, no off-key pathetic renditions of traditional church hymns. Skipper Of My Life is an authentic top-notch recording of rustic folk/folk-rock alive with the earthy sound of 12-string guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle. Mainly the work of the two parents (Steve and Joyce), but Jenni (I’d guess in her early teens) is given the honors of electric bass (lucky kid) while Mollye gets a tambourine opportunity or two. Mostly acoustic oriented, but I did notice some nice lead electric guitar on ‘Fell On My Face Again’. Lovely captivating vocals, almost exclusively by Joyce, often harmonizing with herself, sometimes recalling Barbara Sipple or Pam Mark. Twelve excellent original songs, some of the titles being ‘Down The Road’, ‘On The Wings Of A Seagull’, ‘Call Home’, ‘Glory Train’, ‘In His Presence’ and ‘A Time There Is A Comin’. From Northampton, Massachusetts. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo and the track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Skipper Of My Life
1-2All My Will To Thee
1-3Down The Road
1-4On The Wings Of A Seagull
1-5Call Home
1-6Glory Train
2-1Fell On My Face Again
2-2In His Presence
2-3It’s Right Inside
2-4He Passed Away
2-5Sing Our Praises
2-6A Time There Is A Comin’