Vickie Hanson’s Aerobic Glow (Dayspring DST-4111) 1982



See the review under Aerobic Celebration (NewPax NP33133) 1982.

I have not acquired this album yet.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Mary Ella Meek, Vickie Hanson - Living Temples
1-2Amy Grant - It's A MIracle
1-3Imperials - Under His Reign
1-4Micki Fuhrman - You're The Reason
1-5David Meece - Comin' Back
1-6Imperials - First Morning In Heaven
2-1Amy Grant - Got To Let It Go
2-2Sharretts - The Home Of The Lord
2-3Amy Grant - Keep It On Goin'
2-4David Meece - Peace In My Heart
2-5Leon Patillo - River